Helping to put refugee
and host community perspectives
at the heart of
international policy making

Refugees and the communities that host them can and must play a central role in the decisions that affect their lives. In 2018, as world leaders come together to agree the Global Compact on Refugees, the opportunity to build a new approach that puts the people most affected by displacement at the heart of policy making must not be lost. Together, we have the chance to play an active part in policy making to build a better, fairer system that reflects the needs of those it is built for.

Too often our voices as refugee and host communities are underrepresented in the debates that shape our lives. The International Refugee Congress brought together refugee and civil society groups from the countries that host the majority of the world’s refugees so that together we can develop solutions to the shared challenges we face.

The Congress addressed how we can:

  • Enable people to access the asylum process and their legal rights
  • Support people to access basic services
  • Develop sustainable and durable policy options
  • Address challenges faced by women refugees who are on the move
  • Ensure the refugees and host communities are able to participate in making decisions which affect their lives

The International Congress was held 10-11 May 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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About the Congress

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“Women’s organizations

are still not being consulted.

The voice of such organizations should be heard more.”